An ancient fighter and a curator of artifacts and ⁠⁠⁠paraphernalia. After centuries of traveling the planet she has built up a sizeable collection of art and weaponry, amongst these her trusty bow, an artifact of unknown origins and great power. She has been the muse of untold artists and subtly left her mark on the planet. While she tends to stays out of global politics and the businesses of mankind, she is ultimately a fighter for the good cause.

Julia is the postergirl of the game, a basic fighter build on being well rounded. She has no crippling weaknesses, but no insane strengths. She has average damage and life. Her projectiles make her a decent zoner and she has a fairly good poking game.

Standing light punch

Standing light kick

Standing hard punch
Most damaging normal, excellent poke, but whiffs over crouching opponents.

Standing hard kick

Crouching light punch

Crouching light kick

Crouching hard punch

Crouching hard kick
Low long range attack that can dodge under fireballs.

Jumping light punch

Jumping light kick
Can cross up

Jumping hard punch

Jumping hard kick

Sweep: ↘ + HK
Hits low and knocks down.

Grab: ➡/⬅ LP+HP

Shatter attack: LK+HK

Arrow Shot: ⬇↘➡ + LP/HP
Punch strength determines arrow speed.

Flying Uppercut: ➡⬇↘ + LP/HP
Strong reversal and Anti-Air.

Flying Kicks: ⬇↙⬅ + LK/HK
Most damaging special.

Super Fireball: ⬇↘➡⬇↘➡ + LP/HP
Strong projectile. 50% Super Gauge

Shatter Super: ⬇↘➡⬇↘➡ + LK/HK
50% Super Gauge, only on Shattered opponent.