Shattered is a 2D fighting game made as an homage of the classics. Team18K has a vision of creating a game which features the traditional fighting game feel while also implementing our personal ideas to craft a solid fighter.

The game is all about transparency. While fighting games can be complex, we want to make it easy to understand, while also retaining a lot of depth. The game features a basic universal system that each character has to adhere to, there will be no other resources than health, superbar, shatterbar and time. While there is a difference between universal and normal moves, we plan on having at least some common ground between these.

Part of this transparency lies in the combo system, we try to make it pretty clear what moves can combo in each and in this regard characters are easy to pick up and play. The game system also eliminates the idea of infinites, and while some characters with the right setup and superbar can dish out huge damaging combos, the opponent doesn't have to look how he or she slowly gets whittled down

The wilder designs are incorporated in the characters themselves, and their specials and supers. While some of them follow classic fighting game tropes and are very recognizable, others are more left field and contain fresh ideas, we hope that in this way we have an array of fighters that are enjoyable and different to play.


Normal Moves

Move Input Notes
Light Punch (⬆/⬇) LP Standing, crouching or jumping changes the variation of the move
Light Kick (⬆/⬇) LK Standing, crouching or jumping changes the variation of the move
Hard Punch (⬆/⬇) HP Standing, crouching or jumping changes the variation of the move
Hard Kick (⬆/⬇) HK Standing, crouching or jumping changes the variation of the move

Universal Moves

Move Input Notes
Throw ➡/⬅ LP+HP Held direction determines direction of throw. Cannot be blocked.
Throw Break LP+HP Press while being thrown to escape.
Shatter Attack LP+HP Press while being thrown to escape.
Jump ↖/⬆/↗ Performs a normal jump.
Hop Tap ↖/⬆/↗ Performs a small jump.

Special and Super moves

Special Moves
Special attacks are a wide array of moves that can be activated by making certain motions such as quarter circle forward (⬇↘➡) or the DP motion (➡⬇↘) followed by a punch or kick button.
These moves often have a light or heavy variation that often changes damage or framedata. Special moves are character dependent and each fighter has a different set of special moves.
Specials inflict chip damage, meaning that they inflict a fraction of the damage when blocked. The game also features special throws, which can't be throw broken.

Super Moves
Super moves are much akin to special moves, although these tend to inflict a lot more damage. Each character features one or two super moves.
Most supers are activated by a motion and either both punches and both kicks. In addition a super move costs either 50% or 100% of the super bar, having less than this will not trigger the super move.
The superbar is filled by inflicting damage (except by universal throws and super moves themselves) and activating special moves.

Shatter Super
Each character features a shatter super. This super can only be activated when the player has sufficient super bar and the opponent is in a shattered state. The move won't activate when the opponent is in any other state. Often deals very heavy damage.

Shatter System

Shatter Damage
All attacks that hit or are blocked empty the opponent's shatter bar, situated below the health bar.
Once a player’s shatter bar is emptied, the player enters into the Shattered State.

Shatter Attack
Hitting the shatter attack instantly depletes the opponent's Shatter Gauge.

Shattered State
If the opponent is Shattered, they will crumple and fall to the ground.
During this period, the opponent can be hit by one more attack, which will always knock down.
Alternatively they can be hit by a Shatter Super.